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Ciao Bella

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Mon - Sat
09:30 am - 08:00 pm

Ciao Bella

Ciao bella isn’t just a name or an Italian way of greeting. Ciao bella is a vision.


Our guests enjoy pure Italian lifestyle in the form of classic pasta, delicious pizza and a variation of salads in a relaxed atmosphere.


Ciao bella restaurants offer the perfect opportunity to take a break from shopping, while enjoying delicious food in a family-friendly atmosphere. Our quick service is key to the ciao bella formula and allows the lunching guests to savor their favorite pasta or pizza without any significant waiting times. Ciao bella is thus perfectly attuned to the center-specific catering requirements and can serve up to 100 customers per hour in the take-away business during peak times.


Furthermore, our first-class service provides even the most discerning guests with the opportunity of a quiet and relaxing Italian-style meal within a shopping center.

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